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Update on relief work in Live Oak, FL.

Update on relief work in Live Oak, FL.

First of all, thank you to everyone for passing along info on the camp we set up in Northern Florida. This ended up being a weekend of grief and confusion in Live Oak, FL for many reasons.

Resistance from the tropics -- an invitation to insurrection!

(spread the word)

Resistance From The Tropics
a south florida invitation to insurgence

Almost 500 years ago European colonizers landed in Florida, becoming its first coastal land speculators.

Addressing Information Needs of Trans Communities and Individuals

For all the trans activists in Chicago at the end of June, if you can manage to make it to the ALA conference, there's going to be a workshop on addressing the information needs of trans people (inside and outside the library). We've got awesome panelists coming from a variety of experiences. If you have any questions or suggestions, post a comment on this blog!

Gay Books attacked again...

For those of you living in Birmingham (and even for those who aren't), have you seen this article about Rep. Gerald Allen attempting to ban books with "gay" content in them?

Supporting Gay Teen Literature

October's issue of School Library Journal has an amazing article about gay teen literature (Supporting Gay Teen Literature). It's written by the author of Boy Meets Boy, a highly acclaimed young adult book that deals with queer issues.

Small Town Library Takes On The Feds

Someone the other day was asking me if libraries had actually been visited by the FBI, and how many. I don't know if he believed me that they had. Well, this one's for my friends who think I'm paranoid: Small Town Library Takes On The Feds

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