Answer: FY2006 Military Recruitment and Advertising Budget

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According to the Department of Defense's budget materials on their website, the combined military recruitment and advertising budget is $1,407,100,000 ($1.4 billion). Here is a break down by branch of the military:
ARMY $854,146,000
NAVY $297,141,000
MARINE CORPS $123,465,000
AIR FORCE $132,349,000

As with all things though it depends on how you define things. This is only looking at the specific line item for "Recruiting and Advertising" which falls under a larger category of "Recruiting and Other Training and Education". If you add up this larger category (which also includes CIVILIAN EDUCATION AND TRAINING, EXAMINING, JUNIOR ROTC, NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY, and OFF-DUTY AND VOLUNTARY EDUCATION), the total is $2.8 billion.

These are the 2006 numbers from the FY 2007 budget, which is the most up-to-date info.

To review all the numbers in Excel, click here:

For a PDF of this DoD report (which explains that the amounts found in the Excel sheet are in thousands), click here:

An index to all of DoD's budget support materials can be found here: