GMC working page

February 22, 2008

Please fill your name in (or ask me to) if you are willing and able to table. We need two people per slot. Put a note after the 6pm sign-up if your availability is flexible.

9:30 SET-UP
1. Christy
2. Jenna

10-12 (note: RR Elections workshop is during this slot)
1. Jenna
2. Alycia: 11am-12pm

1. Pilara
2. Jess

2is-4:15 (note: RR managing info workshop is during this slot)
2. Christy and/or Jenna

1. John B - unless someones else step up (please delete me)
2. Christy

1. Jenna
2. Christy
3. Alycia

*Jenna, can do 10-12 and/or 12-2ish
*Christy will fill in wherever needed





These are the people who have said they're interested in working on a Rad Ref track at the 2008 Grassroots Media Conference:

Workshop ideas:

Questions from the GMC Organizers for 11/06/07 meeting at NACLA:

  • What do you think is missing at the conference? What new ideas/offerings would you love to see at the event?
    - missing--ha! there's so much to do and see.

  • How do you think we can use the conference format to begin to envision more substantive collaboration between participating organizations? What needs to happen at and away from the conference to further the goal of creating a coalition/network of media makers and social justice activists?

  • Ideally, how would you like your group to participate in the process? What would be most useful for your organization? What would you like, ultimately, to see emerge from the GMC structure?