Bitch Magazine Library


10/1, 5:30: Members met at Bitch and continued to assign books to a category.

9/9, 5:30: Members met at Bitch to view current books in each category.

9/3, 5:30pm: Met at PSU Library (1875 SW Park Avenue) to view taxonomy books and begin building subject thesaurus

8/27: Members met at Bitch to view library collection and break up work. Donna will investigate other cataloging options (including library thing) and all others will begin working on taxonomy

Resources for Thesaurus Construction (especially if related to gender studies)

ACRL Women's Studies Section

Gender Inn

Gender Studies Database

Hope Olson's "How We Construct Subjects: A Feminist Analysis" on B-net

Provision Library's Online Catalog has a pretty small list of subjects, but is a good example of streamlining progressive terms

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