Voters' Rights

Quick and Dirty Webliography for Voters' Rights
by Karen Lillis, copied here with her permission
original version

I. Dear Citizens

  1. You are encouraged to check your voting status before Election Day. Check with your county election office to find out if you are listed as registered.
  2. Call or email your representatives:
    At Project Vote Smart, you can enter your zip code (upper left hand side of page) to find both your Senate and House representatives.

    Or go directly to the Senate and House sites.
    Find your Senators by State in the upper right hand corner. Find your House representative by zip code in the upper left hand corner.

  3. If your eligibility is contested at your polling place, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to request a provisional ballot. See more on provisional ballots at Election Protection or at the Help America Vote Act.

II. Web Resources for further information and advice on voting and voters' rights

Help America Vote Act of 2002
"Provisional Voting Requirements.--If an individual declares that such individual is a registered voter in the jurisdiction in which the individual desires to vote and that the individual is eligible to vote in an election for Federal office, but the name of the individual does not appear on the official list of eligible voters for the polling place or an election official asserts that the individual is not eligible to vote, such individual shall be permitted to cast a provisional ballot as follows:"