PDX Collective Meeting Notes - January 2009

Mon., Jan. 5th, 2009 - meeting held at IPRC
Nate [moderator], Lana, Renee, Denise, Emily, Sarah, Ismoon, Joanna, and Charles in attendance

Current Projects:

1. Bitch Lending Library
- Lana updated the group as to the status of the Bitch Lending Library project. All books have been assigned subject headings and are in the process of being labeled. Additional volunteers are needed to label and organize books. There will be a Bitch Library Stickering Party this Sun., Jan. 10th at the Bitch Headquarters starting at 1p. More information is available on the Facebook event page.
- It was also mentioned that Bitch is looking for individuals to join their Board of Directors [will require 10-15 hours of involvement each month]. For more information please see the CNRG listserv posting here.

2. Q Center Library
- Ismoon is working on expanding the Q Center Library, and is in need of volunteers to assist in the labeling and cataloging of materials [library catalog can be seen here], as well as donations of new and academic LGBT books . If you would like to volunteer or have donations, please e-mail her at ismoon.maria@gmail.com.

3. Prison outreach
Inverness Jail
- Renee continues to work with Carol Cook, Multnomah County Library's prison outreach coordinator, to organize Radical Reference member involvement in Inverness Jail's Book Discussion Group and filming project. Anyone interested in volunteering at Inverness should first fill out MCL's volunteer application available here [if you are already a volunteer at MCL it is not necessary to fill out an additional app], and let Renee know which projects you are interested in. She can be reached at rokabiri@gmail.com.

Books to Oregon Prisoners
- Those interested in working with Oregon Books to Prisoners should e-mail Nate at mellingsather@gmail. Nate mentioned possibly having a monthly meet up at the OR Books to Prisoners headquarters if enough people are interested. The first meetup will be held Mon., Jan. 26th, 2009 at 5p.

Information and resources for recently released prisoners
- There was also talk of creating/updating an informational booklet that helps newly released inmates. Denise will be spearheading this project.

4. Workshops
- Renee, Lana, Nate, and Ian will be hosting the first RR workshop at the IPRC. It is entitled, 'How to become a librarian' and will take place Wed., Feb. 4th at 7p. Additional details are available on the IPRC Calendar page.
- Some ideas for future workshops include: Copyright; Fact Checking; Getting your Zines in a Library

5. Wordpress blog
- Lana mentioned sending out Wordpress invites so RR members can create content at the RR Collective blog page.
- The blog will be used as a place to communicate 'dream projects', create an archive, and, as suggested by Emily, post RR-related events and other projects.

Other news:
- Debbie Rasmussen, director/publisher of Bitch Magazine, will be joining us at our February meeting to talk about her involvement with RR and the Bitch Lending Library project!

Next meeting will take place Mon., Feb. 2nd, 7p at the IPRC.