NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, February 2010

Rad Ref minutes: 02/19/10 // In attendance: Angie, Janai, Jenna, John, Melissa

  • Tabling @ Left Forum (March 19-21?)
    John—Ask GMC folks if they’d put our fliers out … Reach out to Jonny?
  • Anarchist Bookfair (April 17 & 18)
    Rad Ref will have a ½ table (sharing w/ Books Thru Bars for $37.50). Tabling
    is only Saturday. No volunteers to spearhead tabling … yet. What workshop
    does RR want to offer—looking for ideas now! (Hack Your Library,
    etc.). Deadline for proposals is March 12th.
  • US Social Forum (June 22nd-26th)
    Melissa participated in the first conference call of People’s Media Center. Mel would like to do an information behavior study to assess what social justice activists do when they need information? (Online? What websites? Word of mouth?) Jenna’s main interest is to staff an info desk w/ and have a bunch of short skillshares ready to go "on demand."
  • Fact-checking workshop for the RCP newspaper
    Anybody? Jenna, Mel, and John would all do it if someone else would bottom-line the effort. Current plan is to wait for them to follow up on planning/location, etc?
  • Brecht Forum programs
    Monday, Feb. 22nd @ 7:30pm: MayFirst event on security and freedom for activists.
    Monday, March 29th: Mel will ask Kazembe to give up Mar 29th in favor of a
    later date that's not the first night of Passover.
    Monday, April 26th: Radical Archives reduxxx (Lesbian Herstory & Squatter Archive)
  • Sandy Berman talk
    Legendary radical cataloger—would like to have him come speak. Would have
    to pay for airfare and probably hotel. Angie & John will try to nail down Grad Center for space. See if Queens LISSA would sponsor?
  • Raf Ref mentoring (internal)*
    Next time.
  • RRFM (Feb 28th & March 28th)—Next Rad Ref mtg will be 4pm on Mar 28th @ RRFM*

    Jenna will be @ the Feb 28th RRFM--more volunteers heartily encouraged to

Notes by Angie