NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, March 2010

Jenna, Kate, and Melissa met at the Really Really Free Market, but since they lost their internet connection, and the place was kind of a madhouse, they moved the discussion to Quantum Leap.

I. Anarchist Book Fair
Our Hack Your Library proposal was accepted. Thanks to John for submitting it! So far John is the only one committed to presenting. Kate will check her availability. Jenna and Mel will reach out to potential participants.

II. Brecht Forum
Having participated in a panel with two artist librarians whose projects focus at least partially on deaccessioned materials, Jenna suggested doing our May program on that topic, instead of preservation, since although there is a lot of interest in it, we have yet to identify people to lead more than a salon style discussion. If the local collective agrees, Jenna will approach the two artists to see if they're willing and able. If that is the case, then we should plan a separate salon on preservation.