Question: Ray Kelly's son

Question: We have it from a trusted though ultimately unconfirmed source that Ray Kelly's 20-year old son is himself planning on protesting the RNC. Is it possible to find out somehow if, indeed, Ray Kelly DOES have a 20 year old son? NOTE: this is an unsubstantiated rumor. However, we've found some background on Kelly and his sons.

Kelly Son a Marine

(info from jared submitted by emk)
He has two sons. One is a Marine. See:

Kelly's son works for Fox News

(information from Jenna submitted by emk)

The marine son, Gregory, works for Fox News!

"PRESSMAN: You're a colonel in the Marine Corps.

Commissioner KELLY: Well, I was, yes.

PRESSMAN: Your sons both went into the Marine Corps,
is that correct?

Commissioner KELLY: No, only--only one son went in the
Marine Corps.

PRESSMAN: Gregory.

Commissioner KELLY: Right.

PRESSMAN: The young one.

Commissioner KELLY: Yes.

PRESSMAN: Who's now a journalist.

Commissioner KELLY: He's now with Fox News. Can I say
that part? I don't know if I can say it. OK.

PRESSMAN: Yeah, you can say it.

Commissioner KELLY: Cable, you know."

From WNBC-TV NEWS FORUM May 23, 2004

more info on Kelly's two sons

(information is from Ted submitted by emk)

Older Son: Jim (Kelly), Assistant Director of the New York State Office of Public Security, says ....

Younger Son: Greg Raymond Kelly (Fox News, and former Marine)