Question: Labor Research

It would help me greatly if you could provide leads on the following:

- Specific salary and benefit information (real numbers) for nurses and nurse specialists in specific Connecticut and Eastern New York State hospitals.

- Costs for retirement and health benefit plans, by provider.

- Directories or lists of registered nurses by city or by hospital.

Labor Research

State budget details are notoriously had to get, especially online. Almost always they seem to be summaries only - no detailed payroll, not even for positions with names deleted. All I have managed to find, in a few hours of searching is the following:

The American Federation of Teachers' "AFT Public Employees'
Compensation Survey" 2004 is at:
. Page 70(79 of .pdf navigator) to 73
(.pdf 82) gives Nurses.
is link to a 2005 survey. 2004 survey is at:
("Salary Survey", EILEEN S. ROBINSON RN,
MSN CHERYL L. MEE RN, BC, CMSRN, MSN. Nursing2004 October
2004 Volume 34 Number 10 Pages 36 - 39.

The actual information appears to be well protected at:;jsessionid=5B3A731263D601442DCBD20EB78D2260
"This site maintained by New York State Division of the
Budget (DOB) and is expressly for use by persons or entities conducting
business with DOB. Access is restricted to authorized users only. If you are
not an authorized user of this system exit the system at this time."

The New York State Committee on Open Government, at:
links to the Freedom of Information Law page at
. Using CTRL-F ( "find in page") for salary, I do find a statement: "3. Each agency shall maintain: (a) a record
of the final vote of each member in every agency proceeding in which the member
votes; (b) a record setting forth the name, public office address, title and
salary of every officer or employee of the agency..."
As for Connecticut,
the Comptroller gives away a little information, such as available benefits
pages like: . "Health Care Options"
is the index of benefits. "Direct Deposit Information" at:
very clearly is searching specific employee's pay information. The Multi
Employment File:
has people's names and what agency they work for. It appears to be thousands of
lines, but probably by no means the entire state payroll. Use CTRL_F "find in
page" to search "health", "hospital", "medical", etc. Or save this 26,105 line
document as a text file, say: CTmultiEmploymentFile.txt. Load it into Excel,
taking the defaults for "text appears to be in columns", etc. Keep clicking on "Next",
then "finish". Use mouse to drag the columns apart so you can see the full
info. Click at top of Column A, click "Data" and "Sort", click to except default "Expand
the selection". Column A will be in order by agency.
is list of CT state employees by agency.
is phone, email, and agency listing, by employee last name.
is the Governor's recommended budget, with "Detail" at
. Details seem to go only down to summaries of numbers of positions: "Health
and Hospitals" at
is 61 pages, but I don't see positions listed in it.
is the Office of Policy and Management homepage. It links to older budgets —
but once again, no detailed payroll information:
is the CT Freedom of Information Act page, that explains what can be kept confidential.
The Freedom of Information Commission page at
links to much more information.