Question: Contribution to UN Peacekeeping

I would like to know who the top 50 contributors to UN peacekeeping operations are in dollars as well as troop numbers for each of the last 20 years. Alternatively, one could compile the contributions based on 5 year segments such as: 1980-85, 1985-90, 1990-95, 1995-2000, 2000-05. I would also like to know the total peacekeeping budget for each year.

Answer: Contribution to UN Peacekeeping

Dear Sam,
The first source I would recommend is the UN Peacekeeping web site . They have a listing of contributors dating back until 1995 with troop numbers. There is also an FAQ section which answers questions like "How are peacekeepers compensated?" and "Who contributes personnel?"

The United Nations publishes a series of comprehensive yearbooks, which date back to 1946 on CDROM. I believe that you are located in the NYC area, correct? The yearbooks can be located at Science, Industry and Business Library 188 Madison Avenue at 34th Street & Humanities and Social Sciences Library New York Public Library Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. Click here for the catalog entry. The yearbooks may be able to fill in the gaps in the reports available online.

Some other resources I found include the following:

According to "Since 1948, close to 130 nations have contributed military and civilian police personnel to peace operations. While detailed records of all personnel who have served in peacekeeping missions since 1948 are not available, it is estimated that up to one million soldiers, police officers and civilians have served under the UN flag in the last 56 years. As of June 2004, 97 countries were contributing a total of more than 56,000 uniformed personnel, the highest number since 1995."

"Despite the large number of contributors, the greatest burden continues to be borne by a core group of developing countries. The 10 main troop-contributing countries to UN peacekeeping operations as of June 2004 were Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Uruguay, Jordan and Kenya. About 10 per cent of the troops and civilian police deployed in UN peacekeeping missions come from the European Union and one per cent from the United States."

"The largest contributers were from Pakistan (8,652), Bangladesh (8,211) and Nigeria (3,577). The biggest contributer from a western country is Poland with 739 peacekeepers on a 19th place. The USA ranks 26th with 430 peacekeepers. The EU combined have 4,532 peacekeepers."

The following titles can also be found at New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Rm 315.
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
New York, NY 10018.

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