North TX Collective Minutes, July 2010

7/22/10 DFW Radical Reference Meeting (First Meeting!)
6:30pm @ Phil Johnson Historic Archive & Research Library

In attendance: Erin, Shaun, Greg, Azure, Sandy, Ron, Zein, Nicole

A. Went through introductions, 8 total attended

B. Discussed group organization and frequency of meetings

  • No formal organization to group, will just rotate who organizes meetings/takes notes/etc. and whoever would like to plan an event or an action will take the lead
  • Frequency of meetings will be about once a month, but will vary on how much there is to discuss in person/if people are available to meet (Erin volunteered to organize September meeting)

C. Brainstormed ideas for future projects, long and short-term (Shaun will create a wiki for virtual collaboration and we will make a poll to select top choices for projects)

  • Possible slot at 2012 TLA Reference Roundtable (Erin will be chairing and would try to set this up)
  • Alternative guide to Dallas for ALA Midwinter 2012 (other Radical Reference local collectives have done something similar when library conferences are in their city)
  • Provide/create information resources for neighborhood associations (endangered buildings, examples: Preservation Dallas, Fry St. in Denton)
  • Pathfinder on health care information/where to find health-related information (place/groups to consider looking at: Health Care for All Texans, Dallas Peace Center, Hemphill House, Phoenix Project Collective, KNON/ACORN Radio, Progressive Center - although heavily linked to democratic party, and Phil Johnson Historic Archive & Research Library)
  • Recyling/freecycling information guide
  • Work with books to prisoners group(s) if in existence
  • Table/street reference at events (North by 35 in Denton as an example) -- will create list of community events to consider
  • Keep track of school district book challenges (can maybe work with or look at TLA Intellectual Freedom Office’s info)
  • Skillshares with other organizations or within own group for our group development or can provide skillshares to community (there is a conference in Addison in August called Open Camp, teaching use of open source software)
  • Alternative materials in libraries (advocate)
  • Oral histories (advocate for validity in research and archives)
  • Create list of libraries allowing public use, create list of federal depository libraries in area, inform about public library databases for home access
  • Some talk about working with religious groups or compiling a list of progressive places of worship was discussed by a few individuals, but a couple others expressed concern with the group having any connection to organized religion

D. Discussed next meeting and virtual collaboration

  • As FYI can usually always meet at The Resource Center Dallas (Phil Johnson Historic Archive & Research Library) - whoever volunteers to organize a meeting can contact Sandy if interested in holding it there
  • Some people subscribed to the discussion list but it appeared to not have worked, so Nicole will add email addresses on Friday
  • Will keep in contact via discussion list and wiki until the next meeting is planned, and also have Rad Ref local collective page on RR site