North TX Collective Minutes, September 2010

9/25/10 North Texas Radical Reference Meeting
11am @ Denton Public Library, South Branch

In attendance: Erin, Sandy, Ron, Nicole

First went over poll results to determine top choices for projects:

  • Slot @ TLA Reference Roundtable 2012
  • Advocate alternative materials in libraries
  • Create alternative guide to DFW for ALA Midwinter 2012 and other conferences approaching that will be in the area
  • Organize and participate in skillshares
  • Work with books to prisoners groups
  • Keep track of school district book challenges
  • Outreach - Discussed doing more outreach to other organizations so we could provide skillshares or other information (ask what their information needs are, let them know what we could offer). We could create a list on the wiki and volunteers could sign up to talk to these places. We would like to create materials to pass out as well (brochures, flyers, or whatever else would work); would also like to involve more librarians in the area, including students -- outreach here will be important as well. We could also provide skillshares to other librarians.

    Alternative Guides - We can look at other guides for ideas, but will typically include public transportation information, veg*n/sustainable-type restaurants and grocery stores, second hand/thrift stores for shopping, bookstores (independent), alternative spaces, bike paths, music venues, etc. Can collaborate on the wiki.

    Wiki - We will discuss everything else more at length via the wiki.

    Talk about the next meeting can take place on the discussion list, but a volunteer will be sought to organize the next meeting for late October or November.