Boycott the Palm; homelessness in NYC



For information on the Palm Restaurants, SEC's Edgar database may help, if the restaurants are owned by a publicly traded company - or even if they are privately owned but mentioned in a public company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Full text for the most recent 4 years might be a good place to start, to get more current information. The search: "palm restaurants" gets 4 filings for O'Charley's, Inc. including a 10-K report dated 02/29/2012. But you will need a tablet or PC which allows "find in document" or the Mac command-F or PC control-F feature, because these filings are often VERY long, and "palm restaurants" could very easily be just noted in passing as the former employer of one member of the Board of Directors of O'Charley's, Inc. With my iPad, I could not locate "palm restaurants" simply by using the table of contents to get to "item 10-directors..." and skimming to find it. But I could very easily have missed it in the many pages of director information. Also note that without the "s", the search: "palm restaurant" gets 96 hits in SEC's Full Text current 4 years search.

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