NYC Collective Meeting February 2007

Radical Reference NYC Collective Meeting

Feb. 16th, 2007

Present: Melissa, Gretchen, Nicole, Blair, Jenna, John, Julie, Jonny (others were present for the US Social Forum discussion).

I. Anarchist Book Fair
II. Grassroots Media Conference
III. Anarchist Book Fair
IV. Lighting Bug/Vetting

I. Anarchist Book Fair
a. April 14th 2007 at Judson Memorial Church
b. Deadline for tables and proposals Feb. 15th
c. Possible Radical Reference role
-Help with the content of the wiki (especially the NYC guide section)
- Help table at the event
- Create t-shits, hats or pins to sell at the book fair
d. Should Radical Reference provide reference service at the event?
- Is wireless available at the book fair location?
e. Radical Reference should help with publicity for the book fair

II. Radical Reference support at anti-war demo on March 17th
a. The suggestion was made that training could be provided for those who want
it in preparation for Radical Reference street support at March 17th anti-war
b. It was agreed to post to list to organize street support

III. Grassroots Media Conference Workshop
a. Radical Reference (Gretchen and Melissa) will conduct a workshop at the
Grassroots Media Conference Sat. Feb. 24th “Beyond Googling It: News and Government Information ‘Web 2.0’ style”

IV. Lighting Bug/Vetting
a. Discussion of the reoccurring problems with Lighting Bug
b. It was determined that working out the difficulties with Lighting Bug and the vetting process is a long term project