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Question: People's History of the US

I have a few things to ask, im putting together an essay for a very conservative teacher.. but I want it to come from a radical point of view.

The questions are from A peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn:

  1. How did Bush I respond to the post-Cold War threat to military spending?
  2. Where and why did the Reagan and Bush administrations support or carry out
    terrorist acts?
  3. Why did American business support the election of a liberal Democrat (Carter)
    in 1976?
  4. How was Carters Democrat administration similar to Nixons Republican
  5. Who benefited from Regans Tax cut and who suffered from it?

Question: who owns MoMA

Who owns the Museum of Modern Art in NYC? In light of the outrageous
$20 admission price to the newly expanded MoMA, the question of who the owners are has arisen. I know it was founded mostly with Rockefeller money, but what's the deal now? Who's in control, who makes decisions, are related questions. Thanks very much.

Question: silent actions

Just wanted to let you know about our action for Jan. 20th, I have found that some radicals don't get what we are doing and the potential force of the action when we are confronted with the mob of Bush supporters who will want us to react. Do you have specific examples of silent and powerful actions in history-from India, to Civil rights, antiwar. Including examples that led to violence being perpetrated against the actionists?

Question: Bus from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Temuco, Chile

We're going to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Buenos Aires, Argentina this December. We have a campaign that relates to climate change and stopping genetically engineered trees. We are leaving Buenos Aires around 17 December via bus to go to Temuco, Chile to meet with Mapuche indigenous activists. We need to know some sort of a bus schedule from Buenos Aires to Temuco so we can set up a the meeting as soon as possible from here. Also prices? We also would like to know if there is a place the bus stops in the Andes overnite or if that is an option.

Question: Format for VCR videos in Argentina

We're going to Buenos Aires, Argentina with a video on our campaign to stop genetically engineered trees. Do they use VHS NTCS as we do or will we have to have the video in another format?

Question: Genetic Engineering of Trees in Chile

My organization, Global Justice Ecology Project is meeting with Mapuche indigenous people in Chile in mid-December about the threat of genetically engineered trees in Chile. Two years ago Chile announced they wanted to be the first to commercially develop GE trees. I am trying to find out what Chile is currently doing in terms of GE trees research and development and what corporations are funding it. Info in Spanish and English would be most helpful.

Question: Vote fraud

Did the Republicans steal the election?

Question: Subsidized housing, criminal justice, and evictions

There are laws and regulations about federally subsidized housing that
allow local housing authorities to evict (or deny leasing) to people with certain criminal histories.

Yet, it is probable that many communities with high rates of arrest, incarceration, parole, probation, etc., also overlap with public housing and Section 8 tenants.

Question: Israeli destruction of Arab olive trees

I have heard that the Israeli army destroys olive trees belonging to Arabs. Could you confirm this for me, and if possible, find Israel's rationale. The Talmud expressly forbids the destruction of an enemy's olive trees.

Question: YA Collection development on globalization

I am looking for quality children's and young adult literature that address globalization issues. I want to include them in a library collection.

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