My night with the NYC Bill of Rights Defense Campaign

On Wednesday evening I went to a meeting of the Federal Legislation Committee of the New York City Bill of Rights Defense Campaign (NYCBORDC). The talk was of how best to educate and mobilize people about the PATRIOT Act -- get people to lobby their elected officials, generally make our fellow citizens understand what's at state in terms of threats to our civil liberties. Discussion was spirited. When do we try to "reform" something we're against (or publicly support one mediocre option just because it's better than the alternative), and when do we stand firm and say we will settle for nothing less than, say, the repeal of the entire PATRIOT Act?

Look for the NYCBORDC folks and lots of info at the Brooklyn Peace Fair. Members are also leafleting in the subways and planning other events. I'm sure they would love to see your happy (but also angered and energetic) face at the next meeting.