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By: GrokSurf

Free Government Information - Sat, 10/02/2021 - 1:43am

In reply to Russell.

The official grammarians would endorse your comma after “Myths” (but perhaps not after “Fabrications).” Plus, that’s the way they have it in their title tag.

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By: Paul Adasiak

Free Government Information - Sat, 10/02/2021 - 1:43am

In reply to Anonymous.

First: According to the Wikipedia page on the serial comma, the GPO Style Manual supports its mandatory use. Given FGI’s subject matter, your preference seems appropriate.

Second: The question of whether or not the blog title uses the serial comma depends on where in the page you look. The prominent, white words in the brown box make it look as though the serial comma has been omitted. However, the page is coded to include the serial comma in the Title tag — just look in your window’s title bar for confirmation. In fact, if you search the HTML, there isn’t a single place where “myths and” appears without a comma after “myths”. You appear to have correctly quoted the blog’s content rather than its title’s graphical representation. Well done.

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NYC Primaries 2021

Lower East Side librarian - Sun, 06/13/2021 - 2:09pm

Back when every one of my Democratic legislators voted for the USA PATRIOT Act, I switched my voter registration to Green or Independent, or "other." Several years later, I re-enrolled in the D party because primaries are important, in NYC, often more important than the general election for deciding who is going to serve the city (or be served by it). Therefore, and because I fucking hate Andrew Yang, I'm taking the 2021 primaries seriously--and sharing my votes with anyone who stumbles my way. I'll be happy to accept advice and corrections.

  1. Maya Wiley
  2. Art Chang
  3. Isaac Wright
    He's the person For Life is based on
  4. Kathryn Garcia (strategic choice)
  5. Scott Stringer (strategic choice)
No Way

Eric Adams - ex-police officer, who probably doesn't even live here
Andrew Yang - clueless libertarian opportunist, who also doesn't really live here

Public Advocate
  1. Jumaaane Williams
  2. Anthony Herbert

No ranking: Theo China Tavarez

  1. Brad Lander - endorsed by the Working Families Party
  2. Brian A Benjamin - top priority is police accountability & public safety
  3. Corey Johnson - Speaker of the NYC Council, uses the word "equitable"
  4. Reshma Patel
  5. tbd
Brooklyn Borough President
  1. Antonio Reynoso - endorsed by Working Families Party, "promoting environmental and racial justice"
  2. Kim Council - law librarian! Top priorities are housing, healthcare, education
  3. Jo Anne Simon - community activist, disability rights lawyer, assemblymember
  4. Pearlene S. Fields - "We can start by taxing the rich!" but she's a "political outsider," and I'm feeling like populist candidates aren't my first choice these days
  5. tbd
City Council District 40
  1. Rita Joseph - AOC endorsement
  2. Edwin Raymond - Jumaane Williams endorsement, former police lieutenant who diverted money from police budget to underfunded departments
  3. Victor Jordan - active in neighborhood mutual aid group
  4. Harriet Hines - longtime resident, "ending predatory development"
  5. Josue Pierre - active in neighborhood Facebook groups

I came to these conclusions primarily by using the information provided by candidates to the NYC Voter Guide plus feedback from cutie Melissa Morrone. I'll be happy to hear if I'm wrong about anyone!

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Books of 2016

alycia.brokenja.ws - Sat, 01/21/2017 - 2:07pm

Books I read in 2016, in reverse chronological order according to when I read them, favorites starred.

I made it past my goal of 60 books, and then basically didn't finish anything in all of December. Writing up this list I saw a lot of books that now seem like they weren't worth the time, or now are barely worth remembering--somehow I seem to have ended up finshing things this year that I might have let go in other years. But I also read some really great stuff, and it was great to get so many things read this year. I didn't make it to my goal of 25 books by women of color, but I did read 16, and setting that goal did make me really think carefully about how I cho(o)se what to read, what is most promoted at large, and what is suggested to me/in my filter bubble.

  1. Behold the Dreamers / Mbue *
  2. Train Your Dog Positively / Stillwell
  3. Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It / Meloy *
  4. The Everything New Puppy Book / DeVito
  5. Dear Sister / Factora-Borchers
  6. Asking for It / Harding *
  7. Baise-Moi / Despentes
  8. Turning Japanese / MariNaomi
  9. Post-Digital Print / Ludovico
  10. The Century of Artists' Books / Drucker (re-read)
  11. A Child of Books / Jeffers *
  12. Americanah / Adichie *
  13. King Kong Theory / Despentes *
  14. The Promise of Happiness / Ahmed

read more

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Three Mile Pilot – Chief Assassin to the Sinister – 12″ LP

The Experiment--A Free News Experiment - Sun, 01/12/2014 - 6:07pm
Negative Pulse Records – NEG -6 Three Mile Pilot – Chief Assassin to the Sinister – 12″ LP
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Circuit Bending

The Experiment--A Free News Experiment - Sat, 01/11/2014 - 5:53pm
Experiment: Circuit Bending Participant(s): Jason Soares, JFRE ‘robot’ Coad, J Lesser, P Hix and Rob Crow Time Frame: 1994 + Location: San Diego Submitted By: Jason Soares Submission Date: 2002-03-23 In the mid ’90s we learned of an idea called “curcuit bending”, the term of which was created by Qubais Reed Ghazala. Its the idea […]
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hacked labelle duo 16

The Experiment--A Free News Experiment - Sat, 01/11/2014 - 5:35pm
Experiment: hacked labelle duo 16 Participant(s): Matt Lorenz & Jason Soares Time Frame: 1994 – 1995 Location: San Diego and Tour of US Submitted By: Matt Lorenz Submission Date: 2002-03-28 Around the spring of 1994 I found a bizarre old combo-projector at a secondhand store called thrift village in Linda vista, ca. It was called […]
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The Killer Whale Copyright Experiment

The Experiment--A Free News Experiment - Sat, 01/11/2014 - 5:23pm
Experiment: Killer Whale Copyright Participant(s): Jason Soares Time Frame: 1998 Location: San Diego / Internet Submitted By: Jason Soares Submission Date: 1998-01-27 In January of 1998 I received a cease and desist letter from the law offices of Wienberg Sullivan about offending slide photographs I had posted on The Experiment. The photos were found in […]
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Photos from our SE Asia trip to Singapore, Vietnam and Korea

Expect Resistance - Wed, 07/28/2010 - 12:57am
Sorry it took so long, but I finally got around to uploading our photos from our trip. Check them out! Related posts:Graphics and Photos from U.S. Government Vietnam wrap-up Eating and wandering through Korea Related posts:
  1. Graphics and Photos from U.S. Government
  2. Vietnam wrap-up
  3. Eating and wandering through Korea
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Eating and wandering through Korea

Expect Resistance - Tue, 07/20/2010 - 9:19am
It’s been a busy few days full of trains, buses, walking, eating (especially eating!), meeting relatives (brothers, cousins, aunts, nieces and nephews). After spending last week in Daegu with Shinjoung’s parents, we headed up to Seoul and its surroundings to visit myriad relatives — I know some names, but mostly I remember them as relations [...] Related posts:
  1. Right at home in Taegu, Korea
  2. South Korea – U.S. FTA Jan 15-19
  3. Photos from our SE Asia trip to Singapore, Vietnam and Korea
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Right at home in Taegu, Korea

Expect Resistance - Tue, 07/13/2010 - 3:26am
Yes we’re still on our SE Asian tour. Shinjoung and I have been in Taegu, Korea for the last few days. No videos to post yet (and also no tour books to consult ). We’ve been staying pretty close to home, visiting with family, eating, visiting with more family. As some of you know, Shinjoung’s [...] Related posts:
  1. Eating and wandering through Korea
  2. Mountain Voice
  3. Hotspots for democracy
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Vietnam wrap-up

Expect Resistance - Tue, 07/06/2010 - 11:06am
Well we’re off tomorrow for Korea. It’s been a great (but IMMENSELY HOT & HUMID!) 4 days in Hanoi. We ate tons of street food — Bun Cha, Pho (pronounced like “fur”), Banh Mi, Banh Goi, Chao Ga, and a bunch of things we don’t know the names of but are listed on the wikipedia [...] Related posts:
  1. Vietnam day 2 & 3
  2. Shinjoung’s Yalta
  3. Overnight sleeper to Hanoi
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Shinjoung’s Yalta

Expect Resistance - Tue, 07/06/2010 - 11:05am
As our Vietnam trip comes to an end, I have to admit that we haven’t completely abolished the guide book but have come to a detente. It’s hard to kick old habits ☺. We’ve had fun, lots of laughs and continuous debates – did you expect anything less from me?! One of the most exciting [...] Related posts:
  1. Experiment of un-lonely planet guide experience
  2. Vietnam wrap-up
  3. wanderer vs. planner
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Overnight sleeper to Hanoi

Expect Resistance - Sat, 07/03/2010 - 10:52am
Shinjoung and I took the overnight sleeper train from Hue to Hanoi. Originally we tried to get our own ticket at the station but were defeated because a) we didn’t have enough Vietnamese Dong on us (thought wrongly that at least the train station would have the ability to use a visa card); and b) [...] Related posts:
  1. Shinjoung’s Yalta
  2. Vietnam wrap-up
  3. Experiment of un-lonely planet guide experience
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Experiment of un-lonely planet guide experience

Expect Resistance - Wed, 06/30/2010 - 11:09pm
Today we’re heading for Hanoi and I proposed to James to do the un-lonely planet guide experience. James insists that he is different since he is using a rough guide instead of a lonely planet guide.  I will let him believe whatever makes him feel good ☺. James is not unique among travelers. You can [...] Related posts:
  1. Shinjoung’s Yalta
  2. wanderer vs. planner
  3. Guide to DRM restrictions
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Traipsing around Hue

Expect Resistance - Wed, 06/30/2010 - 11:18am
We decided to rent motorcycles (and drivers, we’re not THAT crazy!) today in order to get further afield in Hue, Vietnam. Below is a video cobbled together of the day. We’re off tomorrow to Hanoi on the overnight sleeper train which should be fun. At least it’ll be air-conditioned Related posts:Overnight sleeper to Hanoi Vietnam [...] Related posts:
  1. Overnight sleeper to Hanoi
  2. Vietnam wrap-up
  3. Experiment of un-lonely planet guide experience
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wanderer vs. planner

Expect Resistance - Tue, 06/29/2010 - 4:11am
James and I have a little different travel style. I’m a wanderer while James is more of a planner (who likes to wander).  I rarely plan for any trips or read about the place where I will visit partially because I’m lazy but also because I enjoy trips with few plans or goals. On the [...] Related posts:
  1. Experiment of un-lonely planet guide experience
  2. Shinjoung’s Yalta
  3. Vietnam wrap-up
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Vietnam day 2 & 3

Expect Resistance - Mon, 06/28/2010 - 11:04am
Day 2 we decided to take an organized tour (against our better judgement) to the Mekong delta. It was pretty cheap ($24/person) but it was mostly ferrying the group around to various places to buy trinkets. The water coconut farm was interesting, but I wanted to spend more time visiting the beekeepers and listening to [...] Related posts:
  1. Vietnam wrap-up
  2. wanderer vs. planner
  3. Photos from our SE Asia trip to Singapore, Vietnam and Korea
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Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City

Expect Resistance - Sat, 06/26/2010 - 4:23am
Shinjoung and I landed in Ho Chi Minh City last night and are staying a couple of days at Madam Cuc’s hotel. We went out exploring today and this is the first thing we saw: Click To Play Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City We had some delicious soup, gluttonous rice wrapped in banana leaf, [...] Related posts:
  1. Experiment of un-lonely planet guide experience
  2. Vietnam wrap-up
  3. Vietnam day 2 & 3
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