Rad Ref meeting/social at ALA Midwinter 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010, 6-8pm
Yvonne Pappenheim Library on Racism, 14 Beacon Street, Boston

No ALA conference registration required; new volunteers welcome!

Contact Rebecca Martin for more info.

This will be a casual getting to know you meeting for new members and long-time volunteers alike. Optional: bring food to share.

Address for sending agenda items coming soon. Likely topics include an overview of the project, discussion of to do list items, perhaps an unveiling of the revised website (if that's possible tech/equipment wise, not to mention if the refactoring is even complete!), how to get involved, etc.

Directions from convention center:

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Agenda item: Subject

Agenda item:

Subject experts page, per a request from http://divergences.be.

Organic Groups

Agenda item: using Drupal Organic Groups for local collectives, perhaps with Boston RR as the guinea pigs.

building community

How to better foster community and participation among Radical Reference participants.

this book is overdue video

The book's author would love us to make a short video in which we talked about librarians in the digital age from our perspective. Are there other librarians that we know of who are leaping the walls of the library to find and serve patrons? Why are librarians indispensable (or maybe you don't think they are)? She'd really be happy with anything -- what she'd love is our voices on what librarians can offer in the age of Google.

Collecting agenda items

Hey Jenna,

I'm compiling a list of these items as they're posted in comments -- want to make a phone date for sometime next week to double-check that I've got everything that's come your way, and that we've covered our bases between here & the facebook event page & whatever may come through the listserv(s)?

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