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This is a "personal blog entry," and although the tone of this section isn't so intimate, I would like to share some of the reading I've been doing since the election...
I'm reading the new Zizek, and I don't know if people are skeptical about this guy or what---I mean, he is fascinated by Hitchcock and psychoanalysis---still, he is observant, and sometimes a blase, generalized attitude is what one really, really needs to enlarge context. Here is a passage, for thought or comment, from "Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle" (Slavo Zizek):

Million Worker March Update (10/17; 1:00 PM)

Our only Radical Reference volunteer at the Million Worker March reports a low turnout. It's possible the busses are having a difficult time getting into the city.

Derrida dies at 74: 2 obituaries

Derrida, French Father of Deconstructionism, Dies at 74

Published: October 9, 2004

Filed at 1:30 p.m. ET

PARIS (Reuters) - French philosopher Jacques Derrida, the founder of the school of deconstructionism, has died of cancer at the age of 74, France Info radio said on Saturday.

My Arraignment

Hi everyone,

I went to court this morning for my arraignment at 100 Centre Street, the building attached to the prison—the “Tombs

CSPAN: Good Coverage of March

CSPAN is covering the peace march today, and the coverage seems to be pretty good so far. They are shooting footage of the police as well as of the protestors. They also aren't editing much, so one

Today, and in the Coming Days: Be Careful

Hi everyone, I'm out of jail.

I want to warn everyone in New York about the coming few days, and tell you about my experiences.

If you are planning to protest today in today's "sanctioned" march, it is important that you stay away from people who are confronting the police, because the police have set up a system to arrest people indiscriminately. Be alert to even a hint of aggression from the police.

Alternative Resources on the US War Against Iraq

Here is a good list of links, from the International Responsibilities Task Force.

Abu Ghraib

The requests I've had so far have been very difficult to fulfill. When looking for a list of people who have died at Abu Ghraib in US custody, I had to wade through dozens of articles, some rather dubious, to try to reconstruct a timeline of events surrounding the now infamous prison.

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