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Hi, I'm now the editor of NYPL's Best of the Web category Media and Communications. I'm just starting, but I was hoping to get some suggestions for links to add, and I know you guys can come up with some good ones. I need both mainstream and alternative resources and websites. Just add the links in a comment.

Hennepin County Library Catalog Back Online

I know not the details, but a beta version of the Hennepin County Library catalog, worked on by revolutionary cataloger Sanford Berman, is online, and searchable.

American Left Ephemera Collection

From Resource Shelf:

Univerity of Pittsburg's

Pride Library---The First of its Kind?

Articles here and here.

University of Western Ontario

UN Guantanamo Report

Resource Shelf, et al.

Resource shelf is a blog about electronic resources.

More importatntly for our work, check out the DocuTicker, which is an affiliated blog with links to the kind of studies, statistics, and analyses we have often been asked to find by our patrons. The search function was down when I tried. I hope it functions ok.

Radical Cheerleaders in Time Out New York

There is a short article with a picture of some Radical Cheerleaders in this weeks issue (January 12-18), and fellow Rad Reffer Cherie is quoted. The story is not on the website yet (looks like there is a lag), but it may appear in the future.

2005 Falsies Awards


The 2005 Falsies, courtesy of Center for Media and Democracy.

Yahoo! and Ethics

A friend of mine sent me a devastating article today:

"Internet giant Yahoo has been accused of supplying information to China which led to the jailing of a journalist for 'divulging state secrets'.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Cooking the Books?

Forward from a friend of RR:

Hi folks,
Bad news, I mean in more ways than one.
I subscribe to a few email updates from various information bureaus of the Justice Department. The Bureau of Justice Statistics and a few others. the information they put out was surprisingly objective. However just this week I got an email from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service that has "Prisoners and Pot: Debunking the Myth" as the subject line. Back when Ashcroft first got in he talked about the various information outlets of the DOJ "Speaking with one voice" preumably to better reflect the policies of the DOJ itself. I knew it was coming I haven't seen evidence of it until now. This recent report, that is announced in the email is a clear attempt to discredit some of the rhetoric used by critics of the drug war, basically by saying that only a tiny number of prisoners are in jail for pot. I haven't looked at it closely but it's got to be bullshit. The real unfortunate thing now is that what once was reliable source of information about the Prison Industrial Complex is now turning into a propaganda machine.

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