Women’s and Radical Research Resources Sample Platter

Monday, November 15 (new date!)
Bluestockings: 172 ALLEN ST

Librarians Kate Angell (Sarah Lawrence College) and Jenna Freedman (Barnard College) will serve up a five-minute taste of ten different library and internet resources. On the menu are zine libraries and archives, open access scholarly journals, academic and community libraries--and how to get into the former without ID, and carefully selected websites. All about critical pedagogy, the library ladies will step back and hear from participants about their favorite resources, as well.

Kate Angell is a reference librarian at Sarah Lawrence College and a zine librarian at ABC No Rio every Thursday evening. Last year she worked for Kathleen Hanna on the future NYU Riot Grrrl collection. She is currently working on a zine called My Feminist Friends.

By day and one night a week Jenna Freedman is Research and Zine Librarian at Barnard College. Once a year she produces a perzine called Lower East Side Librarian, and she is always available to provide Radical Reference services.