social determinants of health


answer: gets 181 hits (21 of them free online) for the search: sexism and health and determinants; and 199 hits (24 free full text) for: racism and health and determinants. Pubmed is a highly technical and scholarly database, and most of its results will not link you to full text unless you access it at a large medical or very large academic library - via a proxy or "link resolver" that takes you to any journal that the library subscribes to. For example, at University of Maryland, our "Researchport" lets you find Pubmed "By database name", so that when you click on a title in your search results list, the full abstract record has a bright yellow "Find it" button that links you to online if we subscribe, or print if that is all we have, or Interlibrary Loan if we don't get the journal in any format.

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QUESTION: Oppressions as social determinants of health

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Can anyone recommend good books/articles/essays that outline why queerphobia, transphobia, sexism & racism and/or unstable housing are social determinants of health?

I work for a non-profit health agency and this info would be useful to radicalize our programs.

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