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If you do not have ready access to a large public or academic library that has onsite access to major databases such as Academic Source Premier (or Complete), Business Source (Premier or Complete), or Proquest journals databases, you might still get very worthwhile results from a Google search, by limiting to site:edu,, or even Google Scholar will be frustrating to use unless you have a current student/staff proxy login to a major academic Library, because most of those results are from academic journals that require expensive subscriptions or even more expensive "pay per article" options. Site:edu may get you some quite helpful and recent unpublished research reports from academic departments.

Google gets "about 938 results" for: "Social responsibility" "mineral industries" "Latin america" site:edu - which turns out to be only 146 unique hits, once you page to the end. The search: "Social responsibility" "mineral industries" brazil* site:edu gets "about 1770...", which turns out to be 65; "social responsibility" "mineral industries" argentin* site:edu gets "897"(73); "social responsibility" "mineral industries" chile* site:edu gets "861" (63), etc.

Compare Business Source Complete, which defaults to a search of author, article title, journal title, abstract, and subject, and gets 17 articles for the search: (mineral* or mines) and industr* and social* and responsib* and ("south america*" or brazil* or argentin* or chile* or venezuela* or paraguay* or uruguay*). Even in their advanced search, with the 3 small looking boxes, you can put that entire search all into one box (it scrolls to take maybe 240 characters). You can click "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" either before or after you do the search, and that drops the list to 7 academic articles.

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