Answer: QUESTION: how to find documentation about AZ women prisoners' rebellion from 1980s?


I found some potentially relevant newspaper articles. They pertain to possible causes for the rebellion, but not the rebellion itself. I'll email the news articles to you directly.

Here's the AZ dept of corrections official history of the prison, in case some bg info would be useful:

ASPC-Phoenix - Link:

Two other units are separated geographically but considered part of the Phoenix Complex. One, the Arizona Center for Women at 32nd Street and East Van Buren, has a designated capacity of 250; it opened in 1979,originally under a lease arrangement, and is now owned by the Department. The other is ASP-Globe, a 150-bed prison for adult males which was originally Pinal Mountain Juvenile Institution; it was legislatively transferred to ADC on July 1, 1991.

---> 32nd and East Van Buren is the same location as 3148 E VB, aka the old Hiway House

As I mentioned before, I'll email you the rest.

Good luck & I wish I could have found more directly relevant info.

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