Answer: QUESTION: Medication Access for Prisoners


Here's some lightly edited additional feedback from activist and author Victoria Law:

Prisons often

  • deny medications to chronically ill/disabled people
  • deny hormones & medications to trans people
  • house trans people according to their gender-assigned-at-birth (thus putting trans women at huge risk of sexual assault by both staff & incarcerated men)
  • often place trans people not only in jails according to gender-assigned-at-birth, but also place them in solitary confinement (also increasing their risk of sexual assault by staff 'cuz no one can see what's going on)

There's Prison Legal News, which mostly focuses on legal cases & victories (and failures). ...keep up with who is filing what for what egregious injustice.

Prison Health News...does keep up with health-related issues in prison

See if you can get the keynote speech "Epistemic Injustices in Correctional Health Care: Policies Affecting LGBTQI Prison Populations," by Andrea Pitts, Vanderbilt University.

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