Reading list, books about/by women for community college students

Awhile back, we collaboratively came up with a recommended reading list for female students, noted on another Radical Reference page here: Feminist Books for Disadvantaged Female Students (and anyone else)....

I finished completing the booklet for the student group mentioned in the other post and wanted to share. The other page has the full list of suggestions from everyone -- I was only able to include books in my district's libraries, so my list is pared down.

Here is a copy of the booklet based on our collaborative recommendations:

Here is the copy I am allowed to use -- I was asked to revise it to only include titles at one of our satellite campuses (where the group is based):

Please keep in mind that these PDFs are intended to be printed front-to-back and then folded in-half like a booklet... so that's why they look strangely out of order when read online, but it makes sense if you print.

If anyone would like a Word doc copy to adapt for your own purposes, just ask, I'm happy to share. The only things I would request attribution for are the comic tutorials.