internship ideas

LIS Students--how about an internship/fieldwork with Radical Reference?

The NYC collective brainstormed ideas for possible library school internships and came up with

  • answer quality control
  • documenting Radical Reference so far
  • analysis of questions and answers
  • wresting the Hennepin County Library Subject Headings from either the defunct but still dataful catalog or from print copies of the HCPL cataloging bulletin and then assigning SHs to all existing questions
  • tech projects
  • designing stuff (t-shirts and whatnot)
  • added after the meeting
    helping to coordinate the LIS education conference
  • the next several points added November 2006implementing live reference
  • upgrading the site to Drupal 5.x
  • applying taxonomy terms to existing questions

Take these ideas as a starting point. All projects will be considered.

We're also looking for internship supervisers. All Radical Reference volunteers are eligible, though I suppose current LIS students might not be ideal for this service.

Write to info at radicalreference dot info to discuss interning or supervising.

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