NYC Anarchist Book Fair Meeting September 13, 2006

It's downright embarassing that NYC doesn't have its own Anarchist Book Fair and Zine Fest. Providence, RI had one of each this year, for fuck's sake! And we had neither. This spring, we hope to change that.

Come to an organizing meeting on Wednesday, September 13 at 7pm at ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington St. between Suffolk and Clinton in Manhattan. Closest trains: F, JMZ at Delancey/Essex.

The book fair will be to some extent under the auspices of the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists.

Please come to the meeting, this cannot/will not happen without a lot of people helping.

Jenna, speaking only for myself

I am in no way in charge of this thing, but since I'm the one writing this post, I'll take responsibility for answering e-mail queries: jenna at stealthisemail dot cxx (It's not really cxx.)