Youth Activism: an International Encyclopedia

You would think this blog entry would be a "Yay! There's an encyclopedia about youth activism--how exciting!" But it's not.

This encyclopedia is a big disappointment to me.

The problem starts with the cover. While there certainly are anti-abortion and other religious/right-wing youth activists, they're far in the minority and so make an odd choice for the cover. And below that photo, to see a picture of what looks like voting, really cracks me up. When I think about real activism, voting doesn't even register. It's also insulting to have an adult in the photo, looking on and laughing indulgently.

I'm also not thrilled with the indexing. Feminism is listed with only one reference, while clearly it is present in other entries, e.g Riot Grrrl and Third Wave Foundation. Items not present in the index at all that should be:

to name the first few that come to mind.