NYPD RNC "intelligence"

Amazing news from the folks at I Witness Video about the release of secret NYPD intelligence files during the RNC!

Should Rad Reffies be happy or insulted that we weren't included in this surveillance report? I guess some people just don't regard 300 radical librarians as a threat. I thought the 6 of us who showed up to yell at Laura Bush while she was schmoozing at the NY Historical Society during the RNC were very scary.

Here are a couple of NY Times articles about the spy files. When the links go bad, just let me know which article you want, and I'll get it to you. (Click on my name in the header of this post to send me a message.)

Police Surveillance and the 2004 Republican National Convention

Judge Orders Police Department Files on Preconvention Surveillance Opened

update: help searching the documents and a place to report errors