women's issues fact checking resources

Lana and I are presenting a fact checking workshop at the Women and Media Conference on Saturday, and we're appealing to Rad Ref's collective intelligence on fact checking and statistical resources (nonprofits, think tanks, etc.), particularly in these areas:

  1. Reproductive Rights
  2. Family/Custody
  3. GLBTQ
  4. Rape / Sexual Assault
  5. Pay Equity / Labor
  6. International Feminist Organizations

Please let us know your recommendations about organizations that you know/use/trust (i.e. "I've heard good things about..." isn't as helpful as "I use ... all the time, especially for...")

You can either give your answers right here as comments, or email me for resources for items 1-3 and Lana for 4-6


labor stuff

The Labor Research Association, which seems to be calling itself Working Life nowadays, is a great source for labor statistics. (I used to use it all the time, back in the days when I did more labor stuff.)

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