website upgrade

Yesterday InterActivists Eric and Mark, with a minuscule amount of help from John, Melissa, and me, upgraded the Radical Reference site from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.3.

Although it took a while, it went more or less smoothly. We still need to fix a few things (reinstate reCAPTCHA, get automatic tagging menus back, find the GUI controls for editing pages, and I haven't discovered what else yet...). It would also be nice to redesign the site a bit, aesthetically. Anyone?

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to clear your cache before being able to edit URL, Comment and Menu settings, attaching a file, or formatting the Authoring info or Publishing Options.

One thing that had nothing to do with the upgrade but got done thanks to a task requested via Mantis, is we have our favicon back.

There was also a fun diversion where busted open Melissa's old laptop to rescue her hard drive and harvest a few other goodies from the machine.

Many many thanks to Eric and Mark, and to ABC No Rio for hosting our workday. The heat was even working on the fourth floor, so we had it good!