Radical Reference and Interactivist Networks unite

Radical Reference and Interactivist Network are now united not just by their mutual political goals, but by marriage. On Sunday, November 20, 2005, Jenna Freedman (that's me) of Rad Ref and Eric Goldhagen of Interactivist made the big commitment in front of 200 friends and family members. Check out our geeky wedding website.

Some of the details:

  • The ceremony was performed by Jennifer Miller of Circus Amok.
  • Additional entertainment was a liquid nitrogen show, performed by Science Teacher Sarah and Loud Melissa.
  • The event was held at the Angel Orensanz Cultural Center on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
  • We did the official paperwork in Canada, a country that allows same sex marriage and has a government that's a little less icky than our own to sign a contract with.
  • Our wedding chuppah was made of bicycle parts and scrim.
  • In lieu of party favors, we made a donation to the Bicycle Defense Fund
  • The friends and family members who make up our community did a fantastic job of providing food, decorations, music, organization, the chuppah, and a thousand other things.
  • All of the food served was vegetarian, and some of it was vegan. The wedding cake was made of Rice Krispie (and other cereal) treats cooked with Rice Dreams and fluff, rather than gelatinny marshmallows.
  • Instead of a program, guests were given a wedding zine, which will be digitized and published online sometime soon.

Um, what is "fluff", and at w

Um, what is "fluff", and at what green market is "fluff" available? It sounds like an interesting soybean product!


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