Additional Resources

Updated 10 December 2005

  • Craigslist New Orleans: Resources for Katrina Survivors

    Missing persons, housing and shelter, volunteer opportunities, and more.

  • Disaster Assistance Legal Resources

    From the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.

  • Hurricane Assistance Links

    From the State Library of Louisiana. Topics range from missing persons to employment and housing.

  • Katrina Information Map

    "This map is intended for the use of people affected by Hurricane Katrina who have or are trying to find information about the status of specific locations affected by the storm and its aftermath."

  • Katrina PeopleFinder Project

    "The Katrina PeopleFinder Project NEEDS YOUR HELP to enter data about missing and found people from various online sources. We're requesting as little as an hour of your time. All you need to do is help read unstructured posts about missing or found persons, and then add the relevant data to a database through a simple online form."

  • Library Community Relief Links (from the Tinfoil + Raccoon blog)

    "[L]inks to sites that address library community recovery from Hurricane Katrina: helping library workers and their families; fundraising; lists of affected libraries; recovery and preservation efforts."

  • Loyola Law Clinic Post-Katrina Help Site

    "A Legal Information Resource for Practitioners and Victims."

  • Making Shelters Safe for Transgender Evacuees (National Center for Transgender Equality)

    "The National Center for Transgender Equality, along with the Task Force and Lambda Legal has released a guide on making evacuation shelters safe and welcoming for transgender evacuees. Our hopes are that this document assists the major shelter managers such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army as well as trans support groups and the LGBT community centers in relevant geographic areas." Download the PDF guide here.

  • National Youth Advocacy Coalition

    The Hurricane Katrina Emergency Relief Fund for LGBTQ Youth & Families

  • New Orleans Network

    "For those of us in exile from the region or are still there trying to survive, we hope this site can be used for:

    -Finding people we love and meeting fellow citizens.
    -Assessing what our communities need wherever we may have landed.
    -Collecting our stories, pictures, and art.
    -Starting conversations about the issues connected to this disaster.
    -Organizing the exile communities of displaced people from the New Orleans region.
    -Finding ways to reconnect us all, whether we have access to computers or not."