News and Updates

Updated 10 December 2005

  • Critical Resistance: Katrina Amnesty Campaign

    Join the call for Amnesty for all arrested & imprisoned for taking care of themselves and loved ones during Hurricane Katrina.

  • Critical Resistance: What happened to prisoners in flooded Louisiana prisons?
  • dKosopedia Hurricane Katrina Commentary

    Hurricane Katrina has generated a storm of criticism about the indifference and ineptitude of the second Bush administration's response. The Hurricane Katrina timeline indicates some deficiencies in FEMA but also in planning and funding processes. This is a partial summary of the commentary.

  • Infoshop News

    Alternative news, analysis, and opinion. Includes a frequently-updated "Hurricane Katrina Aftermath" section.

  • New Orleans Indymedia

    Grassroots journalism through the New Orleans Independent Media Center. Daily postings.

  • New Waveland Cafe Blog
  • A blog from Waveland, Mississippi, where there is a large grassroots relief effort including many Rainbow Family folks among others.

  • Real Reports of Katrina Relief

    "Eyewitness, politically charged, on-the-ground truth telling from New Orleans, southern Louisiana and Mississippi." A blog from activist and writer Naomi Archer.

  • Relief Web: Hurricane Katrina

    An online gateway to documents and maps about humanitarian emergencies and disasters, administered by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

  • Think Progress: Katrina Timeline

    In the blitz of media coverage surrounding Hurricane Katrina, it’s hard to wrap your head around exactly what happened. ThinkProgress has created a Katrina timeline that catalogues the most important events.

  • Whirlwind! Anarchist News and Opinion about Hurricane Katrina. [PDF].
  • An anarchist publication from NEFAC containing first hand account and analysis of the devestating effects of hurricane Katrina on the gulf coast of the U.S., and the underlying class expliotation, racism and enviromental destruction that exacerbated the tragedy; as well as stories about what anarchists are doing to help and how you can contribute.

  • "New Orleans Is Sinking" (published September 11, 2001)

    Old news, of course, but perhaps worth looking at these days...From Popular Mechanics.

  • "Washing Away" (published June 23-27, 2002) [you will need Adobe Reader to view this PDF file]

    More old news, recently made available again online. From the New Orleans Times-Picayune.