RR NYC LEF Benefit

On Friday, February 17 the NYC Radical Reference collective held a benefit to raise money for the Library Education Forum coming up on March 11, 2006.

We had zine readings by Cristy Road, Dave Roche and Sean Stewart and live acoustic music -- name of the artist coming soon (Jonny, help!). We also showed a library themed movie.

The event raised just over $300 for the LEF and nearly $150 for ABC No Rio, which hosted the event. We filled the gallery at ABC No Rio to capacity with librarians and punks (and a few doing double duty). It was a blast.

Thanks to Jonny for organizing it, Julie for dealing with the liquor license and other hassles. (Melissa and I helped a bit, too.) Many thanks also to ABC No Rio volunteers Eric, Greg, Mark, and Siu Loong for their help with equipment, chairs, and clean up. And of course HUGE gratitude to Steven for setting it up.

So glad to hear it was such

So glad to hear it was such a successful event. That's a good sign the LEF will be likewise rockin'. Thanks go to Jenna for making it happen. Sure wish I could've made it. See you all on March 11th!

Thanks to everyone that came

Thanks to everyone that came out for this!

Isaac, who perfoms as Worse for the Wear, played the acoustic guitar.


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