NYC Collective February 2008 Meeting Notes

February 15, 2008
Alycia's House
Present: Jenna, Melissa M., Jonathan, John W.B., Lisa, Matt, Laena, Holly, Alycia

1. Indymedia Help: Mel M. mentioned that there was a call for research help on an upcoming anti-war issue of the Indypendent. Mel will follow up with them to see if there are specific questions we can help answer.

2. RNC Welcoming Committee Event report back: Jenna and Jonathan W.B. went to the event at Bluestockings and reported what plans there are for the RNC protests

3. Web Design Task Force: Talked a bit about what has and has not happened, and discussed the best ways to proceed next. Alycia will poll the list of volunteers and we hope to have a group chat session soon to figure out our next steps remotely.

4. Grassroots Media Conference (March 2):
Discussed tabling (Jenna will coordinate, but will we have wireless?)
Our Sessions:
-Web 2.0 session (Mel and Alycia) will happen in the afternoon (2:45-4:15)
-Election Information (Jonny and Gretchen) will happen in the morning (10:30-12)
Opening remarks at 9:45am, John W.B. will represent RR (Jenna suggests starting out by saying that we represent "300 radical librarians...")

4. NYC Anarchist Bookfair (April 12):
We will table with Books Through Bars, and Mel suggested having a raffle of sorts with questions put into a question box (for T-shirts? discarded books?). We were not sure that the proposed archives session will be held, but Mel suggested holding impromptu or on-the-spot reference and instruction sessions on things such as FOIA requests in the lobby areas on Sunday (is this the correct day Mel?)

5. The next Radical Reference Salon will be Sunday, March 9 at 8pm, and will deal with Reader Services to Prisoners. Mel will speak about Books through Bars, and will be joined by the NYPL Correctional Outreach liason, Jess, as well as another Jess who has worked with correctional outreach through Rykers. As always, the salon is meant to share information and promote discussion.

6. The proposal that Rad Reffers Melissa M, Lia, Shinjoung and James submitted for the upcoming IFLA conference in Canada was accepted. The next steps are to write a paper and to present at the conference about the paper. The theme of the proposal was submitted for the "virtual reference" track of the conference, with Radical Reference being an example of virtual reference in action.

7. Jonathan is attending PLA in Minneapolis and is hoping to spread RR literature there and/or have a meetup?