NYC Collective January 2008 Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2008
ABC No Rio
Present: Julie, Christi, John, Jenna, Melissa M, Alycia

1. We had a report back from the Rad Ref meeting at Midwinter, and talked about the Web Design Task Force and Republican National Convention projects. Jenna will create an email list for the task force (woo!).

2. Grassroots Media Conference: John reported back on what the GMC is planning (Theme this year is "Media Justice"), that we are now a partner organization. We discussed our track at the conference, and we decided what workshops we would be leading. Melissa M. sent out an email to the Rad Reffies who are volunteering for the GMC summarizing:
- finding alternative sources for elections/government info (GRETCHEN)
- managing info via feeds and whatnot (MELISSA M.)
- fact-checking, including some general research strategies and cool
"deep Web" stuff (JENNA)
Those listed are developing written proposals to submit for the GMC.
John also reported that the GMC organizers are planning to develop a Media Justice Glossary (Jenna wants it to be called a Lexicon) that perhaps Rad Ref volunteers at large could help develop.

3. Melissa M. reported back on meeting with a representative from NACLA (The North American Congress on Latin America). NACLA is working on updating its resource guide, something created in the 70's for activists, and they are interested in collaborating with other organizations for this redevelopment. They are also interested in surveying activists and focus groups to see what information needs they have. Melissa M. will keep us informed as to how Rad Ref can help with this.

4. We briefly discussed the New York Anarchist Book Fair and the archives workshop that we are interested in presenting.

5. Upcoming NY Rad Ref Meetings
The next general meeting will be Friday, February 15 at 8pm at Alycia's house in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn (off the Utica stop of the A/C). Email Alycia for directions.
There will be an upcoming Salon on Books to Prisoners March 9, 2008 at 5pm at the NYC AIDS Housing Network.
Jenna is interested in having a Library of Congress Subject Headings letter-writing party (a la Sanford Berman) on April 27th, 2008 at ABC No Rio.