NYC Collective May/June 2007 Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2007 (combined May/June meeting)
ABC No Rio

In attendance: Gretchen, Jenna, John, Melissa

1. U.S. Social Forum. In the event that a Rad Ref presence in the media center there does work out, home support would be nice mainly to connect those of us on-site with databases available only to Rad Reffers with academic access (e.g. to Lexis-Nexis, which public libraries don't subscribe to). Melissa will keep the main RR list posted with USSF news.

2. Next "salon" meeting. We decided that September would be best, since it would dovetail with LIS students being back in town and full of energy. Gretchen said we should start planning another Library Education Forum then; it might encourage LIS students to stay engaged all year. Jenna thought the next LEF should incorporate skillshares as well, and Gretchen suggested adding a tour of regional infoshops.

3. Taxonomy for RR site. We touched on the options for vocabulary (controlled vs. folksonomy, free vs. fee). Gretchen said there's thesaurus freeware out there. This led to a discussion about money and fundraising. Jenna would still like a projector to use for presentations, but we agreed we should have more of a plan of action (where/how to conduct more trainings and skillshares) before trying to raise money for anything specific like that.

4. LOLbrarians. An Internet kind of thing. Can't really be explained in words. Like, how would you expand upon, "ir saw ur mom on teh semantic webz." Cats will be involved. Frequently. Anyway, Jenna thinks Rad Ref should come up with some LOL...what would you call them? Sayings? We tossed some around in the "i'm in ur ____ [verb]ing ur ______" vein, like "I'm in ur dattybaz, opening ur licenzed content." Now I've just wasted 20 minutes writing this entry.

5. ALA annual. Anyone interested in going and doing something as Rad Ref should contact Jonny. Jenna encourages people to do some kind of skillshare.

-- brief and patchy notes by Melissa