NYC Collective November 2007 Meeting Minutes

Radical Reference New York City
Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2007
Julie’s place, Jersey City, NJ

N.A.C.L.A. Research Methodology Guide

There was a brief discussion about Radical Reference (R.R.) working on revisions of the N.A.C.L.A Research Methodology Guide. The group expressed an interest in making sure that the revisions took advantage of R.R.’s professional skills. Melissa Morrone volunteered to act as the contact person for this project.

Grassroots Media Conference Report Back

John reported that there was some discussion at the Grassroots Media Conference organizing meeting about the theme of the conference. John observed an interest on the part of the organizers in making sure that the presentations related to the theme of the conference.

Radical Reference proposed a research track, that would be shared with Interactivist. R.R. would probably give two presentations as a part of this track.


There was interest in having R.R. present at the I.F.L.A. conference this summer in Quebec City, Quebec. Several people would work on a presentation that fit the theme of the conference. It was mentioned that Lia was interested in presenting.

ALA Midwinter

ALA midwinter is in Philadelphia in January. It was proposed that R.R. meet on the Saturday evening of the conference at the Woodenshoe bookstore/infoshop.

Baltimore Bookfair

All of the members of R.R. reported that the Baltimore Bookfair event had been successful. Julie mentioned that she had been approached by a political prisoner support group. They would like R.R.’s help with creating a political prisoner directory. Julie expressed an interest in helping with the project, however more communication with the group is necessary.

Interactivist Skillshare

Jenna announced a Interactivist/R.R. skillshare on Sunday, December 16th at ABCNoRio. She expressed an interest in making this a web site workday.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm