Draft NYC grassroots media conference 2007 session proposal

Research like a librarian "2.0": Internet technologies for organizations and informed citizens

The Internet has done much to widen the theater for global grassroots struggle -- moving local conflicts into the world stage. Yet while technology improves and more information is accessible online, the challenge to find relevant information from trusted sources increases. This session explores approaches to using the Internet and network technologies such as RSS feeds, blogging software, social tagging, podcasts, library database alerts, and mobile phone features to support community action, alternative media research, and informed citizenship. The presentation will demonstrate how new technologies used for research and community organizing can assist with efforts to monitor current events, collect alternative views to mainstream news stories, track government activity, and advocate alternative viewpoints. Librarian volunteers from the collective Radical Reference (radicalreference.info) will give real-life examples of how these technologies are being used by journalists, researchers, community organizers and informed citizens. In addition to introducing the basics about each software tool, Rad Reffers will outline how community members include these technologies in their activist toolkits and effectively manage their flow of information.

Scenarios may include:

**WBAI radio journalist, and a description of her research process using RSS feeds, etc.

**Developer of the Witness Human Rights Video Hub Pilot globalvoicesonline.org/-/human-rights-video/, and a description of a pilot project to use cell phone photos and video to document human rights violations world-wide