ANSWER: Autobus Argentina

The google search: "sleeper bus" buenos aires mendoza gets 172 hits, including quite a number of blogs and wikis, such as
Buenos Aires forum: Bus travel from Buenos Aires to Santiago via Mendoza
, and some of these seem to be fairly recent accounts from people who actually did the trip. Another of the
172 Google hits is a search result for: Argentina bus travel. One of these results,All about AR: Argentina bus transportation does not have schedules, but refers you to the station phone number: "Further Argentine Bus Service Information: To find further information about the Argentine bus system along with schedules and routes enquire at the main bus terminal: Estacion Terminal de Omnibus Antartida Argentina and Calle 10, Buenos Aires Phone: 11/4310-0700

Aconcagua Experience 2004 - expedition to Aconcagua (6962 m lists 7 bus services: "Some bus companies that operate between Mendoza and Buenos Aires: Chevallier, TAC, Jocoli, El Rápido, Expreso Uspallata, La Cumbre, and La Estrella. Two of them are linked web sites. El Rapido schedule shows 8pm (20:00) departure from Buenos Aires and 9:00am arrival in Mendoza, with return trip leaving Mendoza at 18:00 and arriving Buenos Aires at 8:00am. Expreso Uspallata links to some advertising pages, but I found no schedules there.

You can try the others with web searches such as: Chevallier "coche cama" mendoza horario, which gets 34 hits in Google; sites such as The Google search: Chevallier "coche cama" mendoza horario 2006 gets 14 hits, but especially if you read Spanish OK, it’s better to stay with the broader searches. A 2004 page might be just fine if you can find some fine print that might indicate that a schedule is still in effect. It would seem wise to search through a lot more of these internet sites to get a sense of how other travelers have fared on the busses, especially in recent months. Too many search words, like: "coche cama" mendoza "buenos aires" schedules 2006 (12 hits) may cause you to miss good information. It might well be worth spending an hour or so going through all 200 hits (Google omits many duplicates from its estimate of 390 total hits) of a search like: "coche cama" mendoza "buenos aires" 2006.


Jim Miller