New academic discussion group "devoted to the history, analysis, theory, and practice of human rights."

Here's the home page.
Please note in the message copied "below the fold" that this list is not for calls to action and advocacy, but rather for sharing of scholarship. That said, it may well be an excellent resource for expertise on topics of interest to Radical Reference and those we support. Note especially the link to the resources list.

From the announcement:
H-Human-Rights is a discussion network for scholars, policymakers, authors, historians, and other interested people devoted to the history, analysis, theory, and practice of human rights. It is a network developed and maintained by the Human Rights Section of the International Studies Association (HR-ISA) although it is open to all.

The purpose of HR-ISA, and of the H-Human-Rights Network, is to
Encourage multidisciplinary debate, scholarship and teaching in the area of human rights. This includes those in the disciplines of political science, law, history, philosophy, economics, sociology, anthropology, and other related fields. It will foster discussion and other interaction between members of the ISA, as well as those outside of the ISA, with a view toward enhancing debate, academic research, policy development and teaching in the broad and varied area of human rights and related issues.

This list is intended to expand discussion of a variety of human rights issues, for example: war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, and other serious violations of human rights, and accountability for these, as well as civil and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights, rights of women and rights of the child, and many more conventional and customary rights, as well as the political and institutional structures involved in addressing human rights.

The list, like HR-ISA, is not focused upon activism or advocacy of a particular viewpoint or advocacy with reference to a particular concrete situation, although discussion and analysis of particular situations are obviously welcome. Postings related to demonstrations, calls to action, and other issue activism are not allowed.