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I was wondering if anyone knows of graduate programs in history that lean to more radical left analysis of U.S. history and/or U.S. economic history. Thank you.


Also not a complete answer, but two thoughts:

1. You might be interested in the History of Consciousness program at the University of California-Santa Cruz. Angela Davis teaches there!

2. I was always told, by my academic parents and friends, that the way to pick a graduate program is to find a scholar you admire, find out where they teach, and apply there.

Good luck!

NYC's New School for Social Research is traditionally identified with a progressive analysis, though how far they may have wandered from this mission in recent years may be worth questioning. The Historical Studies program states that:
"Its mission is to rejuvenate the empirically based social sciences with humanities-inspired, linguistically informed, and pictorially sympathetic approaches, and to provide The New School for Social Research-an institution that represents the most refined European critical tradition-with an archive and a perspective on the world that works "from the outside in," unsettling dominant perspectives with a radical alterity of global pasts."

I can't give a good answer,

I can't give a good answer, but a useful starting point might be the affiliations of the editorial collective and the editorial associates of Radical History Review, listed at this link.

I would add the University

I would add the University of Southern California's Department of American Studies and Ethnicity. Two faculty members stand out for me: Laura Pulido and Robin DG Kelly.

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