QUESTION: future of reference librarians

question / pregunta: 

I wanted to know if there are any essays about the future of reference librarians.


There have been many articles published on reference services and reference librarian work over the years. Many focus on the nature of reference services as well as librarian skills.

Depending on what aspect of the future of reference you are interested, you might like to search for some of these movements in reference:

roving reference
virtual reference (including IM)
single-desk (integrating enquiries and reference desk services)

Start with: Library Search abstracts from hundreds of library journals.

Some references you might like to check out:

Bell, S. (2007). Debating The Future Of The Reference Desk ACRLog, March 27 2007.

Margaret, M. (2001). "Preparing Staff to Work at a Single Service Desk." Medical Reference Services Quarterly 20(1): 79-86.

Meldrum, J. A., L. A. Mardis, et al. (2005). Redesign Your Reference Desk: Get Rid of It! ACRL Twelfth National Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

(2002) The Future of Reference Service. ALA Annual Conference Atlanta. (Five papers).

These are just a start, you will find that there are many articles on this topic. Other contributors are welcome to add suggestions for recommended articles!