Taking A Stand: A Conference on Activism in Canadian Cultural Archives

Another entry on the academic side of the library/activism overlap - this conference in June of 2007 looks at activism in art, as documented in archives. Hosted by Library and Archives Canada. Posting from listserv announcement copied below the fold.

quoted text:
Taking A Stand:A Conference on Activism in Canadian Cultural Archives will take place at the Library and Archives Canada (395 Wellington St., Ottawa) June 12-14th, 2007.
The conference will be a multidisciplinary dialogue on activism and advocacy in many areas of the arts and cultural production as documented in Canadian archives.
Highlights include a plenary panel of archives creators (featuring writers Dionne Brand and Serge Patrice Thibodeau; artist Craig Leonard; and scholar Georges Sioui), public readings by Wayde Compton and Denise Boucher, and a film screening.
A preliminary conference programme and participant bios can be found at this page. Registration for the conference is by June 1. Please see the website for details.