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I thought read somewhere once that Kangaroo gas stations are owned by Exxon, but can't find that information now. Is it true that Kangaroo's parent company is Exxon? Thanks.


Kangaroo is the brand name of convenience stores operated by The Pantry, a publicly held corporation. According to the company profile on Yahoo Finance, "The company's gasoline operations include the provision of a mix of branded and private brand gasoline..." The major shareholders are a mix of mutual funds and financial institutions.

I could find no link between Exxon and Kangaroo/Pantry.

According to an article in the Chatanooga Times/Free Press from 11/27/2004 headlined "Pantry drops Exxon gas for BP/Amoco brand in its Golden Gallon stores," which mentions that several Gloden Gallon stations would be renamed to Kangaroo, "Kangaroo Express can sell any combination of BP/Amoco gas and Kangaroo brand gas...Kangaroo brand gas is made by Citgo..."

You can find a great deal of financial information on the investors pages of the company website.

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jim miller

In addition to jbeek's response, now on, you also can look at early documents on this Kangaroo Trademark. in, click "Trademarks", then "Search Trademarks". In Freeform search, put: kangaroo.comb. and store$ (you can also use brackets; kangaroo[comb] and store$2[gs], but I find the dots easier, from typing in so many URLs!). What this is searching is the "combined mark", the mark with and without punctuation, the mark as a foreign word that means the same thing, and the mark with weird spellings (Pseudomark); AND the goods and services "Stores" or store (any word that begins with "store", and that has NO extra or up to 2 at most more letters. This gets 13 hits, and you can click on each one to get the full details - including links to TARR (appplication outline history) and Assignment status, TDR (Trademark document retrieval - the legal file scanned into the database), and TTAB - Trademark Trial and Appeal Board records - if there was a legal case against the applicant.

Some of the old "DEAD" marks (no longer paying maintenance fees - but could potentially be still in use as "Common Law" marks) will give you some history, such as Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville, Indiana as an applicant back in 1984. You can then hunt for these company names back in old business directories in large public or academic libraries. Alas, lots of this is NOT online, though it can't hurt to double-check Google Books, or even Google's main web search, just in case something has been scanned or otherwise put into an online history. Or if a big library has Reader's Guide retrospective, that is a possibility. Newspaper indexes in most libraries may get you back to the 80s or 70s - or in very big libraries you can find NY Times and Washington Post Historical.

SEC's EDGAR full text search gets 16 hits for kangaroo AND exxon (apparently you have to put AND in caps) Some of those SEC filings are VERY long - you might want to try this search BEFORE plowing through the Trademarks database or even Newspaper indexes.


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That SEC Edgar database is

That SEC Edgar database is at:

Not sure how the RadRef search address got patched onto that!

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