QUESTION: systems of justice

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I am looking for sources about transformative justice. It is easier to find information about other kinds of reconsiliatory justice, because there are a few restorative justice programs being used by state programs. I know about several prison abolition organizing groups, but i am looking specifically for reading material on TRANSFORMATIVE JUSTICE. What are your suggestions?


You might want to see the book Stories of Transformative Justice by Ruth Morris, published: Toronto, Canadian Scholars' Press, 2000, ISBN 1551301741. You can find it using this neat utility from Wikipedia, book sources.

If you can get to an academic or public library that subscribes to the EbscoHost databases, a search in Academic Search Premier for the term "transformative justice" will lead you to some sources, notably the two articles cited below:

Transformative Justice: Psychological Services in the Criminal, Family, and Juvenile Justice Centres of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore in Applied Psychology: An International Review; Apr2002, Vol. 51 Issue 2, p218, 18p.
From Criminal Justice To Transformative Justice: The Challenges of Social Control for Battered [Women] in Contemporary Justice Review; Dec99, Vol. 2 Issue 4, p415
The bibliographies from these articles, since the authors use the term, would be a good source of further reading.