As we discussed via email, because your query is so broad--more of a research strategy than a straight up reference question, I'm having sort of a difficult time helping. The resource Torie linked to in her comment is a great start.

I recommend you contact your local library to see what resources they have available. I did identify a few reference books they have there and provided their call numbers:

  • The Europa world year book. 032 E89 R
  • Statistical abstract of Latin America. 318 STAT BSL R
  • Statistical abstract of the world.310 STAT R (at two branches only--call first)
  • The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide is not available at your public library, but it is at the University library you mentioned in your email.

Of the databases available to you at your library system, I recommend:

  • Business and Company Resource Center
  • Ethnic NewsWatch
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
  • Gale's Ready Reference Shelf
  • History Resource Center: U.S. and World
  • Informe (This is a Spanish language resource)
  • Infotrac
  • Virtual Reference Library

Depending on the sophistication of these databases (and also Google and Google Scholar), I might break up the search and repeating it with different elements. e.g. Start with
statistics AND girls AND "latin america"

then do
statistics AND "young women" AND "latin america"

then do
statistics AND "young women" AND caribbean

If you don't get enough relevant results, you can also mix and match adding
to the query

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics looks like it might have some good stuff. There's also a Gender Equality Fact Sheet that looks useful.

I will send you your local "Ask a Librarian" links in an email. When you have gotten to the next step in your research, I hope you will come back to us.

I also hope fellow Radical Reference librarians will step in with their expertise on the topic.

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